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Who are We?

Let's talk about the types of organizations that exist in our man-eat-man world. If we can broadly classify them, you'll either picture them as ALPHA or BETA.

If we draw a mental image of BETA, what do you think it symbolizes?

Back in the Gothic era, it represented weakness, men who were not assertive were termed “Beta Males”. Linking this same parallel to the current scenario, even though we do collectively believe that humans were given 2 legs and 2 hands, brains to actually think and be relentless in their endeavors, our ancestors were believed to be monkeys. Have you ever thought of how we actually evolved into homo-sapiens? What was that one thing that made us 'humans' who could talk, run, hunt, and believe that we were much more capable than just eating bananas?

It all boils down to one thing. The ability to not stop. To keep changing. Evolving. Innovating. To make sure every single day we are better than yesterday. THAT IS IT. Only one thing changed us from monkeys to humans. It is proven by a lot of psychologists that the only reason we evolved into humans was that we had what it takes to believe and adapt to the needs, to our society, to the world.

But even after so many years of evolution. Like we say, history repeats itself. Come to think about it, the movie industry did not start Netflix. The construction industry did not start WE WORK & the automobile industry did not make TESLA.

Are we used to our comfort zone?

Are we falling into the entitlement trap?

Beta's of the world, when they start companies; It gets worse. It gets nasty. And it stagnates everything.

Now that’s where we come in, “NO FULLSTOPS”, or how we like to call ourselves the “Alphas”, the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

“No FullStops”, because we believe in reaching where no one did! There won’t be a stop. There will be no end. We will always be better than yesterday. That’s the promise we make. The promise we strive to keep.

Our dream is to build a future with only one sole motive, change the world and do some good, while we still have a chance.

Even if we can't live forever. The world will. And if we don’t change today, we will might as well be monkeys with bananas. We consider this our chance to be super human.

So, the question is not if you want to have a successful company. But if you want to be the change that people follow? Do you want to be the company who sees more than just profits? Or do you just want to be a monkey with a banana?

Most of the companies today stand facing this dilemma. Thousands of them get shut down every day. Just because they couldn’t understand the prevailing law of life. Change!

We are a bunch of talented people who care about the society more than what just numbers could measure. We are the ones who believe there are more solutions to higher profits than old school downsizing.

Who are we?

WE are "ALPHA'S"

The Change Consultants


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